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Central Zone Calendar Information


The Calendar contains up to date information about events being held each month. It lists all the events that pony clubs in central zone plan to hold during the year as well as zone championships and competitions, clinics, instructor schools and state level events. (This is a document that is prepared by central zone. The PCAV calendar on the main PCAV homepage will give you details of other events being held outside of central zone.)

                                                                                       For the 2019 Zone Calendar, click here

Event secretaries need to have their event programs approved by the zone before marketing their event.  See the document "Competition Conditions Inclusions" for help with what to include and suggested wording.

Information for Event Organisers

From January 2009, in order to comply with PCAV biosecurity conditions, event programs also need to include a horse tracking form with address that each horse travelled from and address going to.
Once your event flyer has been approved, it will be posted on this website.
Posting an event on the PCAV calendar can be done using the club website, provided it is linked to the PCAV website.



Central zone calendar information
PCAV live calendar of events in Victoria
PCAV Calendar Central Zone
Live Calendar Central Zone Level