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    Who's Who at Central Zone



    Who's Who in our Zone

    Each of the zone's member clubs
    pays an annual levy to central zone to cover expenses and projects. The clubs also contribute in another important way – by providing experienced individuals from within their own membership ranks to help administer the zone and its activities. On this page you will find a list of who serves on the zone committees - their contact details are in the zone directory (see link below).

    Central Zone Committee of Management

    A Committee of Management manages the affairs of the Central Zone. The zone committee is made up of;

    -        Two delegates from each member club in the zone
    -        Office bearers (ie., president, two vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer.)

    -        The zone representative, who is a club member of one of the pony clubs in Central Zone, but not a zone delegate. 

             The zone chief instructor.

             The zone examining secretary.

    Elections for these positions are held each year. The committees of member clubs nominate zone delegates. Zone office bearers are elected at the Zone’s annual general meeting. The zone representative is elected by members of the Central Zone at the PCAV annual general meeting, in accordance with PCAV rules. The zone chief instructor (ZCI) is elected by the coaching panel and the zone examining secretary (ZES) is appointed at the AGM.

     Central Zone sub-committees 

    There are three sub-committees within Central Zone. Namely;

    1.     The executive committee is made up of the Central Zone office holders, the zone representative and the zone chief instructor.


    2.     The DCI/ZA panel


    3.     The Events sub-committee

    The events sub-committee is a fairly recent innovation designed to share the load of organizing and overseeing zone events. Sue Hollins, from Gisborne PC, is the zone events coordinator.  The purpose of this committee is to develop zone events, oversee them, appoint host clubs and liaise with them to make the event happen. Host clubs do the set-up work and supply resources such as equipment and a lot of the stewards etc.


     Here’s a brief description of the roles that different people have at zone level. (Where applicable, the person’s member club/role is also stated.) Remember, these people are all volunteers and putting in their spare time to help administer our zone!




    Currently held by

    Zone Representative

     David Stammers CZ Zone Rep 2016

    Represents central zone member clubs at state meetings and competitions; ensures pony clubs within our zone operate in accordance with all current PCAV rules and by-laws.      

     David Stammers

    (Riddells Creek PC)


    ph: 0423 354 017

    Zone President

     Tanya Stocker CZ President 2016

    Chairs zone meetings and helps co-ordinate clubs and assist them to carry out the objectives of the PCAV.


    Tanya Stocker
    (Vice President,Kyneton PC)


    ph: 0407 351 062

    Zone Vice-Presidents

    1. Robin Crawford 2016

    2. Bronwyn Fyfe

    Assist the president wherever possible and acts as a deputy in the president’s absence.

     1. Robin Crawford (Kyneton PC)
    ph: 0429 340 544
    2. Bronwyn Fyfe
    (Riddells Creek PC)
    0438 021 967

    Zone Secretary

     Leonie Lang CZ sec 2016

    Prepares, sends out agendas for zone meetings; attends each meeting, circulates the  minutes to clubs; carries out zone instructions; does zone admin, correspondence.

     Leonie Lang (Life member, Gisborne PC)   


    0408 310 843/5428 2717

    Zone Treasurer

     Jenni Waldhauser CZ Treasurer

    Receives monies and pays accounts approved by zone committee; records zone’s financial transactions; presents monthly and end of year financial statements.

    Jenni Waldauser (Riddells Creek PC)


    Zone Delegates

    (2 per club)

    Each member club can appoint 2 delegates to sit on the CZ Committee (as well as an alternate delegate). Delegates vote on decisions of importance to individual pony clubs within the Zone. They also play a key role in conveying information to clubs and making sure things get done!

    See PCAV website for a current list of Zone Delegates.

    Zone Chief Instructor (ZCI)

     Niree Weybury Central ZCI

    Responsible for the policy and direction of instruction throughout the zone; facilitates the organization of courses for coaching, and efficiency testing.

     Niree Weybury (Oaklands DC)


    0408 559 915

    Zone Examining Secretary (ZES)


    Responsible for all matters relating to organization and registration of efficiency tests within the zone.

    Pam Kalms (Findon PC)


    0407 327 222


    Zone Assistants

    Assist the Zone Chief Instructor. Duties include visiting Clubs for annual inspections.

    See Zone Directory for individuals in this role at Central Zone.

    Deputy Chief Instructors

    Assist the Zone Chief Instructor.

    See Zone Directory. 




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