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    CZ Eventing Clinic

    Leonie Lang, Sunday, 30 July 2017

    The CZ eventing Clinic was held on Sunday July 23 at the Tullamarine PC grounds in Greenvale. It was fine for most of the day, although the wind was biting (it is July after all), but sadly the riders and coaches had driving rain to contend with in the last half hour. 

    Nevertheless, it was a great day for most riders. There were 6 groups of 4 or 5, ranging in experience from grade 6 to grade 2. They rotated through 3 coaches, who tailored the instruction to the needs of the group.

    Jenny Crowley took the groups for dressage. They mostly worked on the circle.

    Jenny Crowley with gr 3 group Jenny Crowley with gr 3 group 2 Jenny Crowley with gr 4b5 Jenny Crowley with gr 5a1

    Here is Jenny welcoming the grade 3 group and instructing the grade 3, 4 & 5 groups. More in the gallery.

    Darren Green coached showjumping.

    2/3 SJ 2 5a SJ 1 5b SJ 2

    Here he is with grades 2/3, 5 and 6. Some photos of indidviduals in the gallery.

    Penny Johnson coached the groups for cross-country.

    4a XC! 5b XCKM 3

    Penny is shown talking to group 4a about the next jump and helping grade 6 with stepping down. More photos of these groups in the gallery.

    The day got progressively colder, as can be seen by the darkening photos, so not many of the later groups. More photos welcomed from parents who followed the groups around.

    The three coaches did a wonderful job, standing out in the cold all day and shouting into the wind. The riders really appreciated the instruction.

    Many thanks to Tullamarine PC for sharing their grounds on the day. The canteen ladies looked after all the extra customers very well. Some riders voted the hot chips at lunchtime as the best part of the day!

    Hot chips at lunchtime

    Jenny Crowley with gr 3 group

    Jenny Crowley with gr 3 group 2

    Jenny Crowley with gr 4b3

    Jenny Crowley with gr 4b5

    Jenny Crowley with gr 5a1

    GR 3 dressage waiting

    Jenny Crowley with gr 4b2

    Jenny Crowley with gr 4b4

    Jenny Crowley with gr5a2

    Jenny Crowley with gr5b1

    Jenny Crowley with gr5b2

    2/3 SJ 1

    2/3 SJ 2

    5a SJ 1

    5a SJ 2

    5a SJ 4

    5a SJ 5

    5a SJ 7

    5a SJ 8

    5a SJ 9

    5a SJ 11

    5b SJ 1

    5b SJ 2

    4a XC!

    4a XC2

    4a XC3

    4a XC4

    4a XC5

    5b XC2

    5b XC3

    5b XCKM

    5b XCKM 3

    5b XCKM 6

    5b XCKM 4

    5b XCKM 7

    5b XCKM 8

    5b XC km2

    5b XC 1

    5b XC 2

    5b XC 3

    5b XC 4

    5b XC 5

    5b XC 6

    5b XC 6(KM)

    Hot chips at lunchtime


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