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    Course walk at Melbourne International 3DE Sunday June 11

    Penny Johnson and the course walk group
    Leonie Lang, Thursday, 15 June 2017

    James Lang was entered into the 3* event at the Melbourne International 3DE so he offered to do a course walk with his club (Gisborne). This offer was extended to other clubs in CZ. We didn't dream so many would be interested. Unfortunately, right at the start, he was called away to tend to his horse, so he asked Penny Johnson if she would combine the walk with her team from West Gippsland. There were also some from NEZ. Penny valiantly agreed and the walk started with perhaps up to 50 people. Halfway round, there were still more than 30 following along.

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 1 CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 2 Here we are at the back of the course behind the sand SJ arena.

    At the last water, James joined the group and organised with the marshalls for the group to go onto the track and see the fences up close.

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 4 CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 5 CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 6

    As well as James from Gisborne we also were following Rohan Luxmoore from Riddells Creek in the 3*. Both James and Rohan had no jump faults in the XC and jumped clear in the SJ on Monday. Again, there were numerous aspiring eventers from our clubs in the crowd. Next up, the 4* at Adelaide. 

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 1

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 2

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 3

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 4

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 5

    CZ/WG/NEZcoursewalk 6


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