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     Current Minutes for
    August 2016 now available. 
    Look under "About our Zone"
     For Showing Guidelines, look under "About our Zone - DCI ZA panel".
    Order form for CZ polos and jackets here 
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    D, D* and C Certificate Assessments  2015 up-date LOOK

     C certificate application form here

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    Central Zone Website

    Central Zone Gymkhana - Lowden Family Shield

    Lowden 2017Riddells Creek 1st waving

    Congratulations to Riddells Creek for winning the "Lowden". See the report and more photos on the news page.


    Central Zone Dressage and Showjumping Championships

    Grade 1 dressage winner State Champs 2017  Grade 2 dressage team winners State Champs 2017

    Special congratulations to our successful dressage riders at the State Champs. Haylea Wright (Kilmore PC) won the individual grade 1 dressage and our grade 2 team, Stacey Fyfe (Lancefield PC), Phillipa Rushford (Williamstown PC) and Tansy Sagar (Riddells Creek PC) won grade 2. More results on the newspage.

    Central Zone Showing Clinic

    riders with certificates

    These riders had a great time at the CZ Showing Clinic, fine-tuning their showing skills in preparation for the Central Zone Gymkhana (Lowden Family Shield) on March 26. Click here for the news report with details and more photos.

    Who's Who in Central Zone

    Some of our volunteer officials changed hats at the recent CZ AGM and PCAV AGM; and we welcome a new member (Robin Crawford) to the zone executive. 


    James Lang PCV vice pres 2016

    Congratulations to James Lang who was elected to the position of PCAV Vice President. James was Central Zone Rep 2015-2016. He will now sit on the state council as part of the state executive. David Stammer's election as the 2016-2017 Central Zone Rep was endorsed.

    Members of the 2016-2017 CZ executive are shown below.



    Currently held by

    Zone Representative

     David Stammers CZ Zone Rep 2016

    Represents central zone member clubs at state meetings and competitions; ensures pony clubs within our zone operate in accordance with all current PCAV rules and by-laws.      

     David Stammers

    (President, Riddells Creek PC) 

    Zone President

     Tanya Stocker CZ President 2016

    Chairs zone meetings and helps co-ordinate clubs and assist them to carry out the objectives of the PCAV.


    Tanya Stocker
    (Vice President,Kyneton PC)


    Zone Vice-Presidents

    1. Sue Hollins CZ Event coord 2016

    Robin Crawford 2016


    Assist the president wherever possible and acts as a deputy in the president’s absence.

     1. Sue Hollins (Life Member,  Gisborne PC)
     2. Robin Crawford (Secretary, Kyneton PC) 

    Zone Secretary

     Leonie Lang CZ sec 2016

    Prepares, sends out agendas for zone meetings; attends each meeting, circulates the  minutes to clubs; carries out zone instructions; does zone admin, correspondence.

     Leonie Lang (Life member, Gisborne PC)   


    Zone Treasurer

     Jenni Waldhauser CZ Treasurer

    Receives monies and pays accounts approved by zone committee; records zone’s financial transactions; presents monthly and end of year financial statements.

    Jenni Waldauser (Riddells Creek PC)

    Zone Delegates

    (2 per club)

    Each member club can appoint 2 delegates to sit on the CZ Committee (as well as an alternate delegate). Delegates vote on decisions of importance to individual pony clubs within the Zone. They also play a key role in conveying information to clubs and making sure things get done!

    See PCAV website for a current list of Zone Delegates.

    Zone Chief Instructor (ZCI)

     Niree Weybury Central ZCI

    Responsible for the policy and direction of instruction throughout the zone; facilitates the organization of courses for coaching, and efficiency testing.

     Niree Weybury (Oaklands DC)

    Zone Examining Secretary (ZES)


    Responsible for all matters relating to organization and registration of efficiency tests within the zone.

    Joycelyn Moreland (Macedon PC)

    For more details about Who's Who in Central Zone, click on the Who's Who tab in About Our Zone 



    The youngest members - the future of pony club




    GPC combined lead rein groups

    In these days of falling numbers, it is important that our youngest riders are engaged, having fun, so that they are interested enough to stay on in the club.

    At Gisborne PC, there are 3 lead rein groups. Here they are shown lining up for a combined games session. See the news page for the games they played and other ideas for the youngest riders.


    412 590 093


    See more info about our zone on our Facebook page

    https://www.facebook.com/Central-Zone-of-Pony-Club-451566918206194/ If the link above doesn't work, copy this address into your browser.






    Central Zone Gymkhana (Lowden Family Shield)


    For the Central Zone Gymkhana (Lowden Family Shield) at Sunbury on Sunday March 26, click here .

    Central Zone Meeting


     The next Central Zone meeting is Tuesday the 6th of June.
    For the minutes of the April meeting click here.  All minutes are posted under About our Zone.
    For the April Newsletter, click here. The newsletters are also posted under About our Zone.
    To help your memory, the CZ meetings are always on the first Tuesday of the even months.
    They are held in the Ross Watts Childrens Hall, 252 Station Rd, New Gisborne, starting at 8pm.

    Entry Forms


    Click on Read More (below) for latest event info in CZ...

    For the Fimister Shield, click here

    2016 Course Accreditors Roster


    Click here for the 2016 course accreditors roster.

    The up-dated organising committee requirements is here.

    Also check in Info for clubs - Event Requirements

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